Who says what a pipe is?

Project team: Juan Villarreal, William Maya.
Eric Owen Moss Vertical Studio.
Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-Arc)


“Silicon Beach is a euphemism for an area that includes portions ofVenice, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, and West Los Angeles. And thearea is on the way to becoming a local surrogate for Silicon Valley, that sequestered zone south of San Francisco which remains the heart of the world’s digital development zone.  With cities around the country and around the world clamoring fora share of that once exclusive Silicon Valley concentration of digitalindustry companies and their cohorts, Los Angeles has taken its placein that assembly line to digital affluence.

How these growing companies fit, or could fit, or should fit in an evolving Los Angeles planning conception is little regarded. That’sa mistake. In addition these companies offer employees a workingenvironment often labeled as “the new work place”. That merits of thenew work environment, much lauded, little debated, and too quickly accepted as an interior planning ‘fact’ should be scrutinized.”
  - Brief description by Eric Owen Moss

Levels of Development: Urban Scale.

Levels of Development: Pieces.

Levels of Development: Chunk.