Project team: Mariya Bandrivska, William Maya.
Florencia Pita Studio.
Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-Arc)

Exploring the idea of semblance, physical objects were made into images and manipulated in order to project these images back into a physical object, to later again make it an image. This cycle between physical object and image was the process used to develop this project. The work of the studio is based on the use of the sampled data in the production of architectural form.

The “Image” embodies tectonic and material qualities to become both expressive and functional, and the structure employs 3 types of facade systems. The primary material used is patinated zinc, applied in different ways throughout the building depending on the facade system. One system is a brise soleil that has functional orientations based on the movement of the sun. This allows for a continuous glass facade. The other two systems are a perforated panel system creating a play of light and shadow and extruded panels that highlight the textures.


Site Plan: